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About Us

The Prick Cushion is the place where Abitabite makes all the those parts that your mother said you shouldn’t talk about out of felt. Sometimes she loves them and hugs them and takes them to bed. Then sometimes she sticks pins in them.

And you can too!

These are not the plushies of your past nor the pin cushions your granny used!
It doesn't take a seamstress to indulge in some Prick Cushion Therapy

Every Prick Cushion is just like the real thing in every way! Okay, that's a lie. But they do all have their own unique personality that may differ from the photographed counterpart. Yay Handmade!

The Prick Cushion uses felt made from recycled water bottles. That means they have been in my hands and your mouth! Yay Kinky Eco-friendliness!
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